An Overview of Open Innovation Research

Today, I presented "An Overview of Open Innovation Research" in a seminar at the University of Trento in Italy ( The slides are available on my website:

In the talk, I combine the presentations of two papers. The first one is a forthcoming book chapter with Henry Chesbrough in which we try to give a very general, high-level overview of research on open innovation, and we also try to further clarify the open innovation concept. The main message of the latter is that open innovation aims at transforming spillovers into knowledge inflows and outflows that can be purposefully managed.

The second paper is my review article with Joel West on how firms can leverage external sources of innovation, which is a more specific (and the largest) part of the open innovation literature. In this part of the presentation, I presented a process model of obtaining, integrating and commercialization external sources of innovation, which are combined with interaction mechanisms, as a way to classify the literature. I highlighted that most research in open innovation is in the front-end of this process and that we know much less about for example the organizational determinants for integrating innovation from external sources, how this fits to the firm's business model, and what the limits and moderating factors are. The paper can be found on SSRN ( and Joel has also blogged about it (e.g.,