PDW on "Individual Perspectives on Open Innovation" at DRUID conference (update)

DRUID Society

During the DRUID Society Conference 2014, to be held at Copenhagen Business School, June 16-18, Marcel Bogers (University of Southern Denmark) and Ana Luiza de Araújo Burcharth (Aarhus University) will organize a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on "Living on the Edge: Individual Perspectives on Open Innovation." This PDW brings together scholars to discuss and develop research ideas related to the individual level of analysis of open innovation. The PDW combines the insights of a keynote speaker with the input of expert facilitators, the moderator and the audience. The aim of the workshop is to advance the state-of-the-art in this domain by encouraging participants to propose, discuss and reflect on possible theoretical and empirical directions for future innovation studies anchored in individuals.

See here for a complete description of the PDW.

The full list of participants is:

The Stella Polaris Network* represented by:
Marcel Bogers, University of Southern Denmark
Ana Luiza de Araújo Burcharth, Aarhus University

Russel Coff, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Helle Alsted Søndergaard, Aarhus University
Alex Pedrosa, University of Southern Denmark

Lars Frederiksen, Aarhus University

* This workshop is embedded within the activities of the Stella Polaris Network. This network is comprised of established and emerging scholars in the innovation domain from two universities in Denmark, namely Aarhus University and University of Southern Denmark, and two universities in Germany, namely University of Hamburg and University of Kiel. The network was launched in 2013, and supported by the respective universities with the primary objective “to initiate, strengthen and broaden collaboration within education, research and other areas.” The network is a strong community of researchers with a specific focus on strengthening the collaborations of universities across the Danish - German border. It is a community of scholars with complementary knowledge, skills and relationships within the field of open innovation whom collaborates with regards research, teaching and funding activities. The original question that the network set out to explore is how and to what extent the organizational design of firms affects the integration of externally generated knowledge and vice versa, from which the individual perspective on open innovation is a direct result.